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Astamran dates, also known as Sayer dates, are one of the most popular and at the same time best-selling date products in Iran. Colony dates are mainly planted in Khuzestan and southern cities of Iran. This date has very high sugar and is considered one of the sweetest dates. Its sugar content is above 75%. Sayer dates can be stored for a long time (about 15 months) in covered warehouses at room temperature without any problems. The color of this date is dark brown and sometimes tends to black and red. Due to the high sugar content of other dates (colonies), it quickly dissolves in water and creates a lot of sweetness. The degree of stickiness of the core to the flesh of Sayer dates is very low. Its core is easily and easily separated from the date and has the ability to be de-seeded, of course, this type of date is also used to produce a variety of sweets or drinks, and if it is used for production, the sugar of that product can be mixed. Classified natural sugars.
HS Code: 08041060